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  • Major Progress!

    I now have added custom fonts, as well as custom link colours throughout the site. There are a couple of issues with pagination and the sub-menu, but I’m leaving those, as I am going to look at creating images for the pages and posts (the last count was 15) The footer is suffering from mobile […]

  • The side bar

    This post shows that I now have the sidebar in place, and is working across all pages! Here is a screenshot for those living in the future! Next move is adding pagination as it needs to be tamed!

  • Slight change….

    I felt that the completely black header/footers looked bad, so went for a more ‘techy look’ look. I also have created my logo using royalty-free images and font – and now the footer is now what we call in the industry as ‘dynamic’ that is, each of those columns can have ANYTHING that is text, […]

  • Header and Footer

    Normally I would design in private – but I have made the choice of having this site open to the public whilst it is being developed – hence the content being completely live on WordPress, even though the theme isn’t finished. Here is a screenshot from what it looks like right now (day of the […]

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