Sites that show off my skillset

My Company Site: This site runs WordPress, a standard HTML page for the store, and a custom WHMCS theme, for security and database purposes, the company site runs with a reverse proxy on it

Club & Event Supplies: This site needed a fresh theme, it is now updated regularly, and is set up in a way that it only takes 1/2 hour to add new data to the site. It is also an online store using various payment gateways.

Oslac’s Odyssey:  This site is for a series of books, which I designed the book covers for, and since I had the assets for the covers, I was able to add those ‘hidden details’ within the website. this site needed to a) show off the series of books, and b) show testimonials – both of these required different plugins – all the colours on the site are the same used on the book covers!

Chiddingfold Horticultural Society: This site has the pleasure of being my first website as an Ltd Private Company, without this one, there would be no Guildford Web Services Ltd!

Tourette’s Action Guildford Support Group: This is an informational website for our local Tourette’s group in Guildford.

Neurologically Challenged: This site, although a stock WordPress theme, taught the owner of the site how to use WordPress. From the nature of the site, this shows off my customer relations skillset.

A Journal by a pink-haired pensioner: During the pandemic, freelancing has dried up, so that I could still design, and the fact that my mum wondered if she could write a blog, I set up web hosting for her, taught her how to use WordPress, which she now regularly posts on it. Before she was using a standard free theme, but I decided that I would create a template for her. Believe it or not – the shades of pink I used are ACTUAL colours of my mum’s hair (yes it has been THAT pink LOL) that I took from a photo – so, if you have a logo and you need the same colours replicated on your site – I can do this!

A 90’s Teenager and From 1991 to 2021: I know it’s two links, but it is the same project, this is the ONLY place where you will find that T-Jay, Guildford Web Services Ltd and A 90’s teenager are one of the same person. These sites sit on a VPS, I have created the themes, and I self host the podcasts on the VPS. This gives a creator more control over where their podcasts are, and everything is in one place! I have written all the podcasts, I have also edited the podcasts, as well as video editing the slideshow for the project.

As you can see, my skills are varied depending on the project, just please contact me via the company website for more information!