Sites that show off my skillset

Oslac’s Odyssey:  This site is for a series of books, which I designed the book covers for, and since I had the assets for the covers, I was able to add those ‘hidden details’ within the website. this site needed to a) show off the series of books, and b) show testimonials – both of these required different plugins – all the colours on the site are the same used on the book covers!

Tourette’s Action Guildford Support Group: This is an informational website for our local Tourette’s group in Guildford.

Neurologically Challenged: This site, although a stock WordPress theme, taught the owner of the site how to use WordPress. From the nature of the site, this shows off my customer relations skillset.

A Journal by a pink-haired pensioner: During the pandemic, freelancing dried up, so that I could still design, and the fact that my mum wondered if she could write a blog, I set up web hosting for her, taught her how to use WordPress, which she now regularly posts on it. Before she was using a standard free theme, but I decided that I would create a template for her. Believe it or not – the shades of pink I used are ACTUAL colours of my mum’s hair (yes it has been THAT pink LOL) that I took from a photo – so, if you have a logo and you need the same colours replicated on your site – I can do this!

A 90’s Teenager and From 1991 to 2021: I know it’s two links, but it is the same project, this is the ONLY place where you will find that T-Jay, Guildford Web Services Ltd and A 90’s teenager are one of the same person. These sites sit on a VPS, I have created the themes, and I self-host the podcasts on the VPS. This gives a creator more control over where their podcasts are, and everything is in one place! I have written all the podcasts, I have also edited the podcasts, as well as video editing the slideshow for the project.

Absurdities International LLC

Well, this one is the biggy. It started off as getting a meme posting group on Facebook moved to another place, but like most projects that sounded small, this one has turned into a company on its own. It has a VPS, and runs a social media platform complete with all the things you’d expect from one, it also (will at the time of writing) has apps for Apple and Google, a Merch Store and a company site with a blogging feature. we were going to go for an out-of-the-box solution, but due to various reasons no-with-standing, it was decided to go and build one from the floor up. YIKES! All parts of the independent Social media Platform that is called Absurdities Group are built using WordPress – something I thought WordPress couldn’t do – but here we are with EVERYTHING running on one CMS!

As you can see, my skills are varied depending on the project, just please contact me.