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  • I found a bug! I add a feature!

    I found that my tab titles duplicated the name of the website – I found the culprit (looking at you YOAST!!!!!). I found the solution, it was in the PHP title header. I now fixed this and updated the company boilerplate too. As I was working on my mum’s website, I needed to add a […]

  • I made a thing for my mum!

    My mum has learned to blog post on a regular basis during the pandemic, and has now put me to shame! I set up her own domain name and webspace, and all I had to do was teach my mum (whose 71) how to use WordPress. In the beginning, I just gave it a standard […]

  • So, what did you do during the pandemic?

    Of course, this is the question that EVERY interviewer of a job position is going to ask in 2025 (give or take the pandemic, and the recession after). I know I will be if I have the luxury of employing people! As this is my CV AND blog, I’m going to be (almost) honest here. […]

  • The Devices I have 2020 edition

    When redesigning this site, I copied a few articles from my previous blog, one of which is my server installation. So, I am here to fix that LOL. Starting from the ‘office’ (its a section of my bedroom, in reality, LOL), I have my main PC running Linux Mint, it has pretty much all I […]

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