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  • The Devices I have 2020 edition

    When redesigning this site, I copied a few articles from my previous blog, one of which is my server installation. So, I am here to fix that LOL. Starting from the ‘office’ (its a section of my bedroom, in reality, LOL), I have my main PC running Linux Mint, it has pretty much all I […]

  • When I said done…

    I had a minor issue with my pages featured images, which I have sorted out (YAY) they weren’t being rendered properly on a mobile’s screen, I then have done some general housekeeping with the code, so when I come back to the code, I can read easily, and find what I need to change. The […]

  • The site is done!

    I have now completed this site. I was going to have some effects on a couple of pages, but I think that this would have distracted the user a bit if a couple of the pages went to a slightly different design. The footer widget areas now uses the ‘Static Blocks’ plugin, as it gives […]

  • Almost Finished!

    This is going to be the occasion where I am going to say that the main bulk of the site is done, so no need for a photoshopped image at this stage! I have found out there is a limitation in bootstrap when it comes to moving away from a standard dropdown menu on the […]

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