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  • FOSS can’t be used for business or daily tasks.

    I have seen this argument over and over on Facebook, and elsewhere online. I have just created a project, and this is what I have used from hosting the site to producing content. The Webserver: Using Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP and MariaDB – all Free Open Source The CMS: WordPress (Obviously) – FOSS Creating Podcasts: OBS, […]

  • Why I prefer WordPress

    There are multiple reasons why I use and recommend WordPress over other website builders/CMS’s, and why you should have someone like myself, (I class myself as a WordPress consultant, more on that later) to do the heavy lifting, as well as having the infrastructure and services to host your site too. First of all, WordPress […]

  • Thoughts on FOSS

    With FOSS, it is based on four underlining principles. I am going to list my opinions of advantages and disadvantages with FOSS, I am using Kodi as a case study because it highlights very well these four Freedoms on both sides of the coin very well. I’m a firm believer in Free Open Source Software […]