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  • If you are looking on this site right now…

    I realised that my website doesn’t show off ‘properly’ on what I can do, that is what my strengths are in IT. So I thought I’d update the site to show off these skills. it was originally just HTML using Bootstrap, then I realised…. dang! Far too much information to whack on a single page.  […]

  • Is 20GB and 20TB too much?

    Yes, you have read that right, what on earth do you do with THAT MUCH of storage and RAM? OK, my ‘Data’ Drive is a mere 10TB (only 1/2 is actual data) and so to have a backup that needs to be utilised at a moments notice, it means having another 10TB Drive. There is […]

  • Frustrations of a Platform Agnostic!

    For anyone who RDP’s to Windows via a Mac will feel my pain!! (and you’re sending an email…!!!) if you know what I mean, there are much better posts than this, and you already know where this is going. If not – you will get a reason why sending an email this way if frustrating […]

  • My Server History!!

    Before my dealings with subscription-based Television, and before illness struck hard I had two servers, one was mine, one was for a friend. I bought the rig for that reason. Over the years it went to 1 File server, 1 web server, to a web server. I have run Windows Home Server and WHS 2011, […]

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