Skills in Web design

HTML: I have used HTML since 1997, the days before CSS, Bootstrap and WordPress were even thought of, please look at the examples in the links section to see how the World Wide Web has matured!

CSS: I made the silliest of errors early on in my web design life, and that was NOT using CSS from the beginning, I remember it being a young language, and thought it wouldn’t catch on, to be honest, I said the same about the Internet Of Things – and here I am talking to lightbulbs! – In my defence, when CSS first started, as browser support was patchy at best, and that Dreamweaver was also in its infancy, some designers like myself disregarded it as it was easier to NOT use CSS, as then it made sure that all browsers could render your website – when I say all browsers – Netscape and Internet Explorer 5! – Nowadays CSS is as !important as HTML and Javascript (that isn’t a typo – it’s there for the CSS nerds!)

PHP: I learned this, as I knew the company website needed the HTML pages moved across as a WordPress template, the company site was originally in pure HTML, but as my company site is the most complex I have created, it needed its template ported over to both WordPress and WHMCS.

WordPress: I have learned how to use WordPress extensively, whether that is writing a template from the floor up like this on, or whether I’m using a theme builder to create an E-Commerce store. I know when to use and manipulate plugins, or whether to use the functions.php file, this depends really on customer requirements, and whether the template is built from scratch. This is where I differ from other Web Developers, I have deepened my knowledge into WordPress, and how to manipulate it rather than using other frameworks, the reasoning behind this is that I can help my clients get up a site, whether it’s a landing page or a fully-fledged e-commerce/blog, it also means I’m in a better position on training my new clients on how to use their brand new WordPress website.

Image and Logo Creation: On all my personal projects, I try and stay away from things like Font Awesome, and stock photos, I much rather find Creative Commons clipart, and backgrounds, so I can produce my own images. There is nothing wrong with Font Awesome or stock photos, a mix of all of these can make a lot of difference to the site. All the images seen on here, are produced the way I have just described!