My Wikis

I used to have two wiki sites, one for home and one for work. Both used to be very different, one was for transparency reasons (the Guildford Web Services one) and the other is there for me to be able to rebuild the server stack when my media server falls over (my media server wiki). As the company one is still the one I use, I have taken the time to remove all instances of Guildford Web services on, but it still left me with two wikis.

At first, I was going to have two sub-domains, but this meant remembering the two. So I went with a landing page that I found on the internet, changed it so that it connects the two, and I changed the template so it is in keeping with the other.

As I still use these as cheat sheets today, it meant I had to do this. I am now quite happy with how things have gone, as the last thing I wanted to do was do a complete rewrite of this information.

So, why do I have them in the first place?

It means I can go to ONE website with everything I need, rather than having to search the web and find what I need to get things back up and running. However, since I have only two web servers now, one beefy one via Linode and one at home, the likely hood of me needing it is slim – unless I spin up a new one again… on Linode. But the chances of me rebuilding the Media Server is more likely.

Also, this is 4-5 years of work that I have grown accustomed to having – so I have gotten sentimental about these wikis!

To see them? Please got to