My Profile

I have been interested in computers and IT in general since the age of six. Without ageing myself, I was introduced into the world of computers with the BBC Micro at first school. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I had my first Micro Computer, which was the Commodore 64. Through that and the magazine ‘Commodore Format’, I was able to produce simple programs in BASIC, which I taught myself at the age of 14.

Moving into 1997, my close friend I had a comedy drag duo act that performed around the country for 7 years, our friend who dealt with our voice overs for our act gave us our domain name with webspace and a CD with Dreamweaver on it, and it was at that point I was subjected to the internet and World Wide Web. Over the years I have designed a pub’s website (hosted on geo-cities – told ya I’m old!), designed a re-enactments website, as well as other projects that I cannot remember. I also learned how to set up a Linux web-server at home to fully understand how the internet works in all its unforgiving glory!