Category: Server Stuff

  • The Devices I have 2020 edition

    When redesigning this site, I copied a few articles from my previous blog, one of which is my server installation. So, I am here to fix that LOL. Starting from the ‘office’ (its a section of my bedroom, in reality, LOL), I have my main PC running Linux Mint, it has pretty much all I […]

  • Is 20GB and 20TB too much?

    Yes, you have read that right, what on earth do you do with THAT MUCH of storage and RAM? OK, my ‘Data’ Drive is a mere 10TB (only 1/2 is actual data) and so to have a backup that needs to be utilised at a moments notice, it means having another 10TB Drive. There is […]

  • My Server History!!

    Before my dealings with subscription-based Television, and before illness struck hard I had two servers, one was mine, one was for a friend. I bought the rig for that reason. Over the years it went to 1 File server, 1 web server, to a web server. I have run Windows Home Server and WHS 2011, […]

  • Backing up – a true story!

    Story goes…I was trying to consolidate my updates into three easy parts. All Linux instances to be updated via Landscape All Windows Server instances to be updated by WSUS Both Windows 10 instances via WSUS. It kinda worked – until it slowed TV-Server down to a crawl, My Windows 10 instance couldn’t find Physical Server […]