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  • Would I recommend self hosting websites and emails?

    The TL:DR in this is NO! I have self-hosted websites and emails since 2008, so going with a provider now would be weird. I started off hosting at home with business broadband – and that is your first hurdle. You cannot host websites and email servers on residential broadband. These are the reasons why; You […]

  • An old server to a new server!

    As previously mentioned, my company ‘Guildford Web Services Ltd’ was a casualty of the pandemic. I did however during the pandemic retain 100% of my customers, so at least I can hold my head up high on that one. The company is (at the time of writing) at present being struck off the Companies House […]

  • The Devices I have 2020 edition

    When redesigning this site, I copied a few articles from my previous blog, one of which is my server installation. So, I am here to fix that LOL. Starting from the ‘office’ (its a section of my bedroom, in reality, LOL), I have my main PC running Linux Mint, it has pretty much all I […]

  • Is 20GB and 20TB too much?

    Yes, you have read that right, what on earth do you do with THAT MUCH of storage and RAM? OK, my ‘Data’ Drive is a mere 10TB (only 1/2 is actual data) and so to have a backup that needs to be utilised at a moments notice, it means having another 10TB Drive. There is […]

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