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  • Images and Categories

    I now have some images and have set categories up too. Once I have my tags/archive pages done, I will be adding a tag cloud onto the sidebar.  The amount of things to do within code is mounting up, so my next job will be to fix these of course. I’m not happy with the […]

  • Major Progress!

    I now have added custom fonts, as well as custom link colours throughout the site. There are a couple of issues with pagination and the sub-menu, but I’m leaving those, as I am going to look at creating images for the pages and posts (the last count was 15) The footer is suffering from mobile […]

  • The side bar

    This post shows that I now have the sidebar in place, and is working across all pages! Here is a screenshot for those living in the future! Next move is adding pagination as it needs to be tamed!

  • Slight change….

    I felt that the completely black header/footers looked bad, so went for a more ‘techy look’ look. I also have created my logo using royalty-free images and font – and now the footer is now what we call in the industry as ‘dynamic’ that is, each of those columns can have ANYTHING that is text, […]

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