Is 20GB and 20TB too much?

Yes, you have read that right, what on earth do you do with THAT MUCH of storage and RAM?

OK, my ‘Data’ Drive is a mere 10TB (only 1/2 is actual data) and so to have a backup that needs to be utilised at a moments notice, it means having another 10TB Drive.

There is also the 1TB HDD for ¬†Virtual Disks for my Virtual Machines, and these are Gigabyte hungry too. Speaking of, now let’s move over to RAM.

20GB RAM…. too much? I will now break it down, I have the actual physical server which only needs about 2-4GB to run efficiently. As I’m running virtual machines, these need to be allocated RAM, this is the run down at the moment:

  • Web-Server – Windows Server 2016 Standard – 4GB RAM
  • Media Server – Ubuntu – 4GB RAM
  • Ubuntu with TV Headend – 2GB RAM
  • Plex Server – Ubuntu – 2GB RAM
  • Windows Work Station – 4GB RAM (need that for Photoshop)

So once broken down, you can see that it is being utilised. So why VM? It’s cheaper! ¬£160 for 16GB RAM gave me TWO new machines running as Client/Servers, I want to add more, so I have legroom to test/learn.

Add this with using Raspberry Pis where a physical machine is needed, it does keep the cost down when running a home IT setup!

Just need that 4 Core Processor and further 16GB now…..