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  • FOSS can’t be used for business or daily tasks.

    I have seen this argument over and over on Facebook, and elsewhere online. I have just created a project, and this is what I have used from hosting the site to producing content. The Webserver: Using Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP and MariaDB – all Free Open Source The CMS: WordPress (Obviously) – FOSS Creating Podcasts: OBS, […]

  • Why I prefer WordPress

    There are multiple reasons why I use and recommend WordPress over other website builders/CMS’s, and why you should have someone like myself, (I class myself as a WordPress consultant, more on that later) to do the heavy lifting, as well as having the infrastructure and services to host your site too. First of all, WordPress […]

  • Cookie/Privacy/GDPR Policies

    The astute of you may have noticed that there are ZERO policies on this site. The simple reason why, is that this site has NO Google analytics, NO Social Media add-ons, NO COMMENTS or even a place to register! Under the Cookie/GDPR, I don’t need to add these, as there is zip all you can […]

  • T-Jay and the internet

    This is going to be a fun story (hmmm!!!!!). Anyone who knows me knows how bad my internet access has been ever since the inception of Guildford Web services Ltd. When I say bad, I mean I ‘think’ I’ve had every problem that you can have with an internet connection, This story has three Internet […]

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