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  • My Wikis

    I used to have two wiki sites, one for home and one for work. Both used to be very different, one was for transparency reasons (the Guildford Web Services one) and the other is there for me to be able to rebuild the server stack when my media server falls over (my media server wiki). […]

  • Would I recommend self hosting websites and emails?

    The TL:DR in this is NO! I have self-hosted websites and emails since 2008, so going with a provider now would be weird. I started off hosting at home with business broadband – and that is your first hurdle. You cannot host websites and email servers on residential broadband. These are the reasons why; You […]

  • An old server to a new server!

    As previously mentioned, my company ‘Guildford Web Services Ltd’ was a casualty of the pandemic. I did however during the pandemic retain 100% of my customers, so at least I can hold my head up high on that one. The company is (at the time of writing) at present being struck off the Companies House […]

  • Bit of a random one…

    Things have changed A LOT over the last couple of years. Guildford Web Services has been an unfortunate casualty of Covid. I am now starting up a social media platform with a friend of mine who I have only chatted to via Facebook Messenger… and I have found my love of performing again or more […]

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