Almost Finished!

This is going to be the occasion where I am going to say that the main bulk of the site is done, so no need for a photoshopped image at this stage! I have found out there is a limitation in bootstrap when it comes to moving away from a standard dropdown menu on the main menu, so have added it to the sidebar instead. I now have pagination sorted out. I found a different code snippet, changed the CSS slightly, and I’m now happy with it.

I have created a catagory.php page, which now shows up blog posts by category, and automagically shows the category name on the page. I have also changed the date format, as well as removing posts on the site.  The sidebar is now fully functional, but I now dislike the footer – it’s mostly font sizes and padding, so that’s the next job.

After that, I will be having a landing page that shows off my CSS and WordPress skills, whilst the anecdotes page will also show my CSS skills, but instead of that being a wall of text, I will be having a text slider with some cool image behind it.

The above two pages have nothing whatsoever to do with having a WordPress blog, as at this point it is a polished design and is fully working, it has more to do with basking in my own glory, and to show off what I can do with WordPress/PHP/CSS and HTML!!!