Links to Retro Sites

I have created these sites to show two things, firstly, I have no examples of sites that I used to create over 20 years ago, aside from those on, which unfortunately doesn’t have all the images etc – not only that, I have no copies of them. Secondly, I also would like to show people how far we have come in regards to web design. These have been created EXACTLY as they would have been in those decades using the right software too. Also, I am geeky enough to have spent a few hours of boredom!!!

My 90’s Portfolio

This website is indicative of the late ’90s. As we were able to change colours, have scrolling effects AND have animations with GIFS – (yes they are THAT old, and not just something Facebook has made up) we basically used all those things and called it a website.

Let’s be fair though, most of us were in our 20’s, and the World Wide Web was in its infancy. But I hate to say it – the dancing baby was a viral thing!

 My 00’s Portfolio

This website was created using what was available in the early 2000s. This used tables, so it’s an early example of what is called ‘the box model’ in web design.

The table is hidden from the end-user but allowed us to have things in the right place. No Javascript, so ALL thumbnails were done by hand, if we wanted rollover effects we used Photoshop. As I mentioned earlier – NO CSS, this is pure HTML!